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git clone ltp-git
cd ltp-git

make autotools

./configure --prefix=/opt/ltp && make
sudo make install

Check and create needed users:

sudo /opt/ltp/

Sometimes valgrind can be useful for the tests:

sudo apt-get install valgrind


export  RHOST="bob"
export PASSWD="foo"

mkfs.btrfs /dev/sde

sudo /opt/ltp/runltp \
    -c 2           # CPU:  NUM_PROCS
    -D 4,100,0,1   # Load: NUM_PROCS,NUM_FILES,NUM_BYTES,CLEAN_FLAG load
    -i 2           # I/O:  NUM_PROCS I/O
    -m 2,4,0,1     # Memory: NUM_PROCS,CHUNKS,BYTES,HANGUP_FLAG  memory
    -M 3           # Memory Leak & Thread Concurrency Check
    -N             # Run all the networking tests
    -n             # Run LTP with network traffic in background.
    -b /dev/md0    # Unmounted block device
    -B btrfs       # The file system of test block devices
    -q             # Less details
    -d             # Directory for temporary files
    -r             # LTP installation directory
    -l result.log
    -g result.html
    -o ltp.log
    -p             # Human readable format logfiles. 
    -t 12h         # Execute the testsuite for given duration