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Upgrading kernel modules

When upgrading the kernel, you have to rebuild your vmware-modules too. vmware-config.pl will honor the TMPDIR variable, in case /tmp is mounted noexec:

   TMPDIR=~/trash /opt/vmware-server/bin/vmware-config.pl 

If needed, get the latest vmware-any-any-update, then unpack and execute runme.pl

Serial Console

Enable the serial console in the VM settings, specify a socket for the taget with the following settings:

  • "This end is the server"
  • "The other end is an application"

Then we'll use socat to connect the socket to a network port:

 socat -d ../serial.socket tcp4-listen:9987 &
 telnet localhost 9987

Known Issues

511 Error connecting to vmserverdWin32.exe process

This virtual machine crashed and could not be started again:

511 Error connecting to "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Server\vmserverdWin32.exe" process.

It should help to restart the "VMware Authorization Service" and "VMware Registration Service" services.

Virtual machine config file is invalid

This virtual machine crashed and could not been started again:

Unable to view the virtual machine's screen: Virtual machine config file is invalid.

The trick was to

  1. Terminate the vmware-vmx.exe process still running for this particular virtual machine.
  2. Delete the .vmem and .vmem.lck file in the machine's directory.

After both these things are done, the virtual machine may start again.