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OpenCSW lives in /opt/csw. Installation is fairly simple:

pkgadd -d

Or, for Solaris 8 and 9:

pkgadd -d pkgutil.pkg

pkgutil tends to use two configuration directories. From the wiki:

There's a configuration file in /opt/csw/etc/pkgutil.conf. 
If you have a pkgutil.conf file in /etc/opt/csw it will override the one in /opt/csw/etc
on a setting-by-setting basis. If no pkgutil.conf is found in either of those two 
locations defaults are used.

I'd like to move everything to /opt/csw/etc, if possible:

cd /etc/opt/csw
ls | while read f; do if
  [ -f /opt/csw/etc/"$f" -a ! -L /opt/csw/etc/"$f" ]; then
    diff "$f" /opt/csw/etc/"$f" > /dev/null && mv -i "$f" /opt/csw/etc/
    echo "$f not in /opt/csw/etc"
    mv -i "$f" /opt/csw/etc/

This leaves a few things still in /etc/opt/csw, but these can be dealt with manually. YMMV.

Solaris Freeware Project

The Solaris Freeware Project lives in /usr/local and holds packages for Solaris 2.5 up to Solaris 10, both for x86 and sparc. The packages are installed via pkgadd:

gunzip grep-2.10-sol10-sparc-local.gz
pkgadd -d grep-2.10-sol10-sparc-local

Dependencies need to be resolved manually.


Blastware® (Archive) lived in /opt/csw and held packages for Solaris 8, 9 and 10, both x86 and sparc. The packages were installed via pkgutil:

wget`uname -p`.pkg
pkgadd -d pkgutil_`uname -p`.pkg

Packages were installed with pkgutil.

Sun FreeWare

SFW (Sun FreeWare) lives in /usr/sfw and was usually bundled with Solaris. However, the project appears to be is inactive for some years now.

Oracle Software

3rd party software