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Software Matrix

Software Linux MacOS Windows Solaris Android
Browser Chrome (w/o Solaris), Firefox Opera Mobile
CD Burning Brasero, wodim Burn InfraRecorder, ImgBurn
CD Ripping Goobox, jack, abcde Max, XLD CDex
Compression Software 7-Zip
Filebrowser TDFSB (3D filesystem browser) File System Visualizer Windirstat Midnight Commander File Expert
Duke Nukem 3D Eduke32
Editor /usr/bin/vi TextWrangler Notepad++ /usr/bin/vi Jota Text Editor, Text Edit
Ext2/3 access ext2fsx Ext2 IFS, Ext2fsd
Firewall Netfilter pf, HandsOff, Little Snitch Windows Firewall Filter NetGuard
FTP ncftp Cyberduck FileZilla File Expert
GNU Software MacPorts, Homebrew, Fink Unxutils, Cygwin OpenCSW, Blastwave, Sunfreeware Busybox
IM[1][2][3] Pidgin, Empathy Adium Pidgin Xabber, Beem, Gibberbot
Image Editor GIMP Seashore
Image organizer Shotwell Picasa[4]
IRC ChatZilla, Irssi Babbel
Mail Thunderbird K-9 Mail
Malware ClamAV, Auditing Malwarebytes Malwarebytes Lookout
Mediaplayer VLC VLC, Media Player Classic MX Player
Musicplayer Clementine Android Music Player, RadioRec+
Network sniffer tcpdump Kismac Wireshark snoop
Office LibreOffice Polaris Office
PDF Converter text2pdf Ghostscript & FreePDF
PDF Reader Evince Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader Adobe Reader
Quake3 Q3A 1.32
RDP Rdesktop CoRD -- deprecated[5] / Remote Desktop Client on Mac mstsc.exe Rdesktop 2X Client
Remote Support TeamViewer / AnyDesk / SimpleHelp Teamviewer
Sauerbraten Sauerbraten
Screen Recorder asciinema
Screen Temperature f.lux LiveDisplay[6]
SIP Ekiga, Jitsi Jitsi, Blink, Telephone Zoiper csipsimple
Skype Linux Mac Windows Android
SSH Client Putty, WinSCP Connectbot
SSH Server
Sound Editing Audacity
Syslog syslog-ng, rsyslog syslog-ng, rsyslog (via Homebrew) Eventlog syslog-ng
System Information lm-sensors, GKrellM iStat Menus, MenuMeters
Terminal Emulator /usr/bin/xterm iTerm2[7] Putty, mRemoteNG /usr/openwin/bin/xterm Android Terminal Emulator
Twitter Birdie Twitter Seesmic
Undelete/Recovery TestDisk, PhotoRec
Video Transcoding Transcode Handbrake Miro Videoconverter
VNC Screen, CotVNC TightVNC
VPN OpenVPN, vpnc Tunnelblick OpenVPN, Hamachi OpenVPN, vpnc OpenVPN Installer
X11 X.Org XQuartz X-Win32, MobaXterm Xsun (moved to X.Org)



  1. ICQ Official announcement
  2. One Last Away Message
  3. AIM Phoenix support
  4. Spring-cleaning … in spring! (Google discontinues Picasa for Linux)
  5. dorianj/CoRD: This project is no longer being maintained as of August 16, 2015.
  6. New to Cyanogen OS 12.1: LiveDisplay
  7. iTerm2: How to unsplit a pane back to a tab or window ("You can already do this by holding cmd-shift-opt and dragging the pane to a tab bar or away from any terminal window to create a new window.")