CD Ripping

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OK, CD ripping has gone out of style because nobody buys Audio CDs any more, but recently I needed to do just that, so here it goes.


Install abcde:

sudo apt-get install abcde

Configure a few things:

$ cat ~/.abcde.conf 
LAMEOPTS="-b 320"

Let's rip:

abcde -a cddb,read,encode,tag,move,clean -d /dev/cdrom -o mp3 -N -V

The command basically does the following:

Fetch (and parse) ID3 tags from FreeDB:

cddb-tool query 6 foo bar ...

Rip audio track to disk:

cdparanoia -d /dev/cdrom 7 foo/track7.wav

Encode to e.g. MP3:

lame -b 320 foo/track7.wav foo/track7.mp3

Tag the encoded file:

eyeD3 --set-encoding=utf16-LE --comment=:: -A Album -a 'Artist' -t 'Trackname' -Y 1970 -G 12 -n 7 -N 12 foo/track7.mp3

...cleanup and do the same for the next track.